Sunday, January 27, 2013

Went back to give another gift to Jihoon..

About one week  ago we went to Cube, but there was nothing really worth mentioning except the part that I was sitting outside and Jihoon saw me, smiled and waved at me before I did the same to him. Which means he definitely recognizes me kkk Super happy xD

Anyway today we went back again because I wanted to give him another gift and Wendy wanted to do the same. We were also looking forward on telling him that we would go to see him on Monday at Ilsan. But then we found out that we coudn't go because they changed the process and we weren't informed. So while we are sitting there sulking, Minhyuk, Peniel, Eunkwang, Ilhoon & Sungjae just passed outside the street. The all went to eat except Sungjae who came back a few minutes later. He seemed so cute and happy today (or his smile was frozen on his face lol). About 45 minutes later they all came back at Cube except Ilhoon who came a bit later on his own and he actually stormed inside the coffee shop, passed by every fan that was there staring at him and went upstairs. Also we think Yoseob was there as well, but we didn't see the face 'cause people were packing to see whoever it was and we only saw the orange jacket he has been wearing recently.

And here is me and Wendy, still sulking and waiting for Jihoon. I thought he wouldn't come until suddenly Junko said "Jihoon, Jihoon!! Go go go fast!!" so I grabbed my bag and run inside the door to wait for him. I don't know what he was doing because it took him a while to come there and the girl who worked there came to tell Junko and the other girls to go out. But she didn't say anything to me and Wendy.. or maybe she thought we heard and we'd leave? Anyway everyone went outside except Wendy, myself and Junko who pretended not to hear the employee.

Jihoon arrived few moments later and tried to open the door but it was locked which surprised him and made us laugh~~ When he came inside we just gave him our presents and he said "Thank you" in English. Then while he was walking towards the door that leads upstairs to the studio, Wendy said "We cannot see you on Monday" and he replied in English "Really?!" ... I SOOOOOOOOOOOO wanted to spazzzzzz at that point but I tried to explain to him in Korean that they changed the process and we didn't know about it so now we cannot go to see him. And he said something like I am sorry to hear that and he actually seemed to be a bit disappointed or something.. So then at that point the other girls who were waiting outside just came inside to give him some soda drink and an envelope. He put the drinks inside my bag (grrrr...!!) and had the envelope on his hands but dropped it on his way up so all of us went like "oooh..." and he heard it and looked at us and smiled again. Then he picked up the envelope and continued to walk upstairs while at the same time he was turning his head to smile and wave at us.

After some time he came back down to order coffee so when the coffee was ready and he came to pick it up Wendy went up to ask him if he saw the presents or not. I didn't go until I saw that they were having some communication problems, 'cause I saw Jihoon's reaction while Wendy was talking to him, so I run there while he was getting inside the door and going up to ask Wendy what happened. But as I storm inside the room he is still there so I just stop running and freeze. He saw me and smiled hahahaha. I guess he thinks I am crazy now~~ which is true actually.. I am crazy for him kkk

Anyway I guess that's all.. Here's what I got him this time^^
Simple and not fancy or expensive but I hope it will keep him warm~ 

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