Friday, January 11, 2013

Cube Cafe 130110 Noh Jihoon & BTOB

As planned yesterday it was the day that I had to deliver the presents Teta bought from Greece for Jihoon (mission to make Teta addicted to Jihoon: complete~~). Since I am feeling a bit down these days because I am somewhat sick & I also have exams, I slept a bit after class so I arrived at Cube a bit late.
Some girls who were there informed us that Jihoon was already there and he came out a few minutes ago to get coffee. At first I didn't understand that he had just come out to order coffee so while I was ordering for myself, he was next to me picking up the coffee he had previously ordered.
I was holding the bag with the presents in my hands but I still haven't had the letter inside because I needed help to translate it in Korean. So there I was looking at Jihoon just thinking if I should just give it now, since I had the chance, or later. So all of a sudden I just go stand next to him trying to get attention without annoying him. When he saw me, he immediately went "oh!". Yes.. the "oh~ it's you again" kind of reaction^^ So then looked on the scarf I was wearing 'cause it had his name on it. I pointed at my bag and told him it was presents for him from Greece. We smiled, took the bag and said thank you in English (he usually talks to me in Korean.. that was the first time he used thank you..)
He then carried the tray with the coffee cups he had ordered and went inside. Actually he was trying to open the door but he couldn't, because he was holding the present and the tray so Junko and myself had the same thought "Should I help him open the door?" but at that point he managed to open it and got inside.
After that we sat outside, since there were no available seats inside and after a few minutes Eunkwang and Sungjae from BTOB passed by next to me. As usual they were followed by fans and Eunkwang turned his head to look inside, he spotted me, smiled and nodded with his head. So while I was trying to wave back to him, Sungjae saw me waving and smiled and waved back. It's funny as I usually don't notice him but he always notices me haha~~
Then about 2 hours later Jihoon came out again and he was standing on his own for a while at the inside hall. I was hesitating to approach him again because Hong CEO was next to the door. But in the end I just went inside because I had to give him the letter that I didn't have time to put in the bag previously. So as usual I started the brief conversation with "Jihooon-aaah~~". I gave him the letter telling him that I am an idiot and I forgot to put in the bag before. He smiled, thanked me again, put the letter in his pocket and started walking inside the office/training room door. Then my Thai friends came inside and asked him if he remembered us from yesterday and he said "Simply Kpop?", thanked us for going and just walked inside the door.
Not sure if he will ever wear the scarf but I hope he will eat the candy we gave him^^

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