Sunday, June 30, 2013

130629 BTS Ilsan fansign

Today I had the chance to go to Bangtan fansign in Ilsan. While waiting for my turn I could see clearly that the boys were in a great mood and kept on playing with the fans, especially Suga and J-hope. Most of the girls who were taking  photos, were screaming about Jimin who tried to do cute poses for them^^

When my turn came Rap Monster talked to me in English and asked me where I came from. When I told him I come from Greece he got really  excited and said straight out he really wants to go there and he will do it when he can. He is a really sweet guy I am telling you~~

Jin.. oh Jin..!! I think I will be Jin biased from now on... I used a post-it and said it was my birthday yesterday and I would like it if he said Happy Birthday to me but instead he also wrote Happy Birthday in Korean and he also sang to me in English!! I was trying really hard to not make a fool out of myself smiling like an idiot but I failed haha

Suga....he is my fave and I blacked out.. I can't even remember what we talked about.. except the usual like where are you from etc.. He kept on talking to me in Korean and I just kept on starring at him not knowing what he was talking about since I was just staring at him :$$

J-hope was trying to talk to me half English and half Korean heheheh. He said "Beautiful" in English and then started drawing something and suddenly he said "Tree!".. I was like "what?" and then he used the word for tree in Korean and I started giggling, said thanks for signing and moved on. I think he also said something about wanting to go to Greece as well..

V was also amazed that I was from Greece and said he wants to go so I told him to try going once. He asked me to do "fighting!" for them kkk

Jimin omg!! HE IS THE CUTEST EVER!!!!!! I didn't think he would be that cute in real life.. For me he is definitely the visual maknae... Even the way he looks at you, seems like a cute little puppy. I asked him if he ate (which is kind of saying "how are you" in Korean) but he told me he didn't eat.. I hope he didn't mean he wasn't ok~~ After he finished signing I had to move towards Jeongguk but he wasn't done yet so we were both looking at him and I said for fun "Hurry up" and Jimin started laughing. xD

By the time I was at Jeongguk I was already sweating like a pig.. The fanstaff even came to bring me napkins and did air to me with her fan hahahah So we started talking about how hot it was with Jeongguk, wish him good luck and both him and the fanstaff thanked me for going to the fansign.

You can see some of my photos from here:

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