Tuesday, September 4, 2012

B2ST fansign & Cube Cafe/Entertainment

Wow... a really busy day today.. I woke up early so I could go buy my books for my classes and then to go to Kyobo bookstore because I knew B2ST would be there around  15:00.
I arrived at Kyobo bookstore around 11:45 and bought my copy of their manhwa (yay i got a poster~~)

Afterwards I asked what was going on with the fansign and where exactly should I go to wait in line. But as usual, the fansign was with a lucky draw and I couldn't participate 'cause the draw had ended. So I went outside and waited like forever.... there was a lady there who tried to help me out, because she didn't speak English and my Korean is still primary school level, and when B2ST's van arrive she told me and she took care of my stuff so I could go get some photos. But getting the photos was a big problem because obviously people kept pushing and moving around so all I got was blurry photos and someone in front of B2ST hiding their faces in the exact moment my camera took the photo... but anyway, here goes~~

Dongwoon is so sweet and nice. He took the time to wave for us fans waiting outside and posed for a few seconds for photos. Guess who didn't take one? Yup, me..

And after coming against tons of screaming fangirls, who almost run me over, just to go outside and get photos, I decided that I should visit Cube Cafe because that could be my only chance to give HyunSeung his b-day project from the Greek B2UTIES.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see B2ST but I did get to see BTOB, but I wasn't able to take photos or anything because they came and left pretty fast.

So here are some photos from inside Cube Cafe.

I am definitely going back there, even if I have to go alone, because there's like a ton of stuff I need to buy. I didn't get anything today because the manhwa was already pretty heavy, along with all the other stuff I had in my bag.. So yeah, anyone out there reading this blog that wants to go together? Simply make a comment and contact me~~

And here's me, while getting my coffee at the Cube Cafe (which btw, has normal prices!)

And here is what I wrote at the card that was provided by the Cube Cafe staff, for HyunSeung's birthday:

We were able to write a message to him and they would pick a couple of people and sent them presents. I wish I could win.. I should have used both of my cards (because we were two people that ordered) to have more chances but I really wanted to keep the other one intact, as a souvenir^^

Anyway around 22:00 we left with my friend to go to Cube Entertainment office and ask if we could leave the present there. We walked "like a boss" until the third floor, rang the doorbell and a lady opened the door and asked us what we wanted. My friend explained I had a present for HyunSeung and she took it and said she will give it to him. I really hope she does but I have no way to know either way.. Oh and when I got outside of the office, the Spanish girl I met at Cube Cafe, told me that one member from BTOB was there.. I didn't actually notice who it was or even if it was an idol because he was talking with a girl (trainee? office worker? no idea..) and I didn't want to be rude and stare.. But yeah anyway, that's the whole story..

I know I failed miserably my fellow Greek B2UTIES but I will try harder.. Now I am going to get some rest because my feet are swollen and my classes start tomorrow morning~~


  1. Γιου αρ ουαν χοτ τσικ! I want to come with youuuu... And if you see shinee kidnap Minho and send him... ANG!

  2. u mathafacka T_T look at that perfection!!!

  3. Angelikoula....the point is that at least you saw them in one way or another :-)....and I am sure they will give the present to HyunSeung!!You made your effort ;-)
    When is the lucky draw?!
    Yeap Cube cafe is a great place!!
    Tetoula here :-)

  4. That day was great~~ I would like to meet you again kk (here, the spanish girl ^^)