Sunday, December 4, 2016

N+을/를 막론하고 - regardless of

The verb 막론하다 can be attached after a noun and take on the meaning of "Regardless of N".

Sometimes translated as "irrespective of, no matter what "

을/를 막론하고 is interchangeable with the pattern 을/를 불문하고 

현대 사회에서는 남녀노소를 막론하고 스트레스를 받아요.
In modern society people get stressed regardless of age or sex.

지위 고하를 막론하고 부정부패 척결에 힘을 써야 해요.
Regardless of our (social) status, we must work hard to deal with corruption.

이유 여하를 막론하고 네가 잘못한 거다
You were in the wrong no matter what the reason may have been.  

이유 여하를 막론하고 그런 식으로 일을 처리해서는 안 된다.
No matter what the reason may be, you shouldn't do your work like that. 

sources: 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법2, 네이버 사전

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