Tuesday, January 29, 2013

130128 Idol Sports Fan account

(I will try not to make it long because I am still tired and think I caught a cold..)

Me and my friends were able to attend the show so we headed there since Sunday night, just to be sure we will not miss it by not waking up on time or something like that. Around 8:30 in the morning the gates opened and we were able to go inside. We went with Noh Jihoon fanclub and we were reeeeaaally far away from the spot were almost everything took place. But for me it didn't matter because my Cube family was there. B2UTIES, 4Nias and Melodies altogether on that side. Also A-JAX next to us, so I am really happy~~

Around 10-10:30 dance practice started and B.A.P and some other groups entered the stadium. I am really bad with names of groups that I don't follow so forgive me for not providing a lot of details on that.

Then around 12:00 when everyone was inside the women's archery game started. And at the same time the group members who weren't participating on the games, came inside to sit. Spotted BTOB first of course and while Peniel was going down the stairs to sit on a chair, he tripped and landed on top of the chairs, practically hugging one kkk

BTOB started waving to their fanclub and Ilhoon, who had some of his hair tied up, starting doing silly dance moves. Then some girl band arrived to sit next to them and they started bowing to each other.

Jihoon came to our side to wave at us. I think he actually saw me again and probably was surprised because a couple of days ago I told him I couldn't go because there were no spots available anymore. He smiled enthusiastically, did the "peace sign" to us and played around. Then he did his signature dance move by lifting an imaginary belt on his pink trousers *insert nosebleed here* . We all went crazy and cheered for him as loud as we could. Thank God we were next to B2UTIES & 4Nias because they helped us cheer for him all the time (Melodies you bad bad girls!! u didn't help...) and actually B2UTIES were the ones who started cheering first for everyone in Cube family.

Minhyuk passed by to wave and say hi to everyone. He actually spent most of his time talking to Jihoon during the whole night.

At some point the rest of the BTOB members were going inside and Ilhoon just started dancing again and Sungjae threw something over to the fanclub (I think it was candy, not sure 100% even though the girl who caught it was really close to me). Only Eunkwang was left sitting at the chairs practically on his own.

As time kept on passing by, everyone was getting really tired. At some point I was stretching my legs and rubbing my knee and then I look down and see Jihoon pointing towards our seats with one hand and with the other hand rubbing his knee as well. I wasn't sure if he was trying to ask if my knees hurt or if his knees actually hurt and he was trying to tell us that by pointing at us.

Then came the time for him and Minhyuk to stretch.. why oh why couldn't I get photos boohooo... >.< I will NOT go into details on that part because then the post will be rated R+ hahahha

When Jihoon participated at the 70m run, we cheered as loud as we could and at some point I see myself and 3 of my friends on the big screen screaming on top of our lungs while holding our banners. Embarrassing haha~~ Not sure if they will broadcast this or not..

A few hours later Yoseob finally appeared but his spot was on the oooooooooother side as well.. boohooo.. most of the time he was dancing around and did silly dance moves or played with his chair. He also chatted with the fans who were close to him (it was Babies and some other fanclub that I don't remember now :s )

There was one staff/security member who played around with Yoseob and Jihoon at some point (he even actually pretend to kick Jihoon at his butt kkk) and then when Yoseob was walking around with the comedian MC, whose name I always forget, B2UTIES started singing "Caffeine". At first he didn't pay attention at all but then the other MC told him something like "listen, it's your song" or whatever and only then did Yoseob turn towards B2UTIES to wave and start dancing around.

When B.A.P. and Teen Top (i think) were doing rock paper scissors for who is going to start first, they kept on getting the same for like 5-6 times, so Yoseob turned around and told them "Just get married you too!!".

Ok.. I made it long right? So I'll just state a few more fun info and go get some more rest..

Speed members kept on visiting their fanclub upstairs and interact with their fans. I think they might have also gave them food but I am not 100% sure about that.

Bora and Minho from SHINee both had accidents. Bora stayed on the ground for around 4-5 minutes and she came back later on with bandages on her knees and hands. Thank God she didn't hit her hurt that hard when she fell... poor girl..

EXO didn't appear at the court, as far as I could see, until it was their time to participate at the games. If I am wrong, correct me please~~ I have poor far eyesight to be honest :p

One 100% member did kiyomi player but I have no idea to who he was doing at because he was looking towards the BTOB fanbase. Not sure if their fans were at the block under our area. They were also cheering for Teen Top, holding a banner.

BTOB cheered a lot for 4Minute, Jihoon and of course Minhyuk.

Yoseob did a lot of jokes with Jokwon and they were teasing each other most of the time.

When it was time for FT Island and CN Blue to get interviewed by Yoseob they got off their chairs and Yoseob told them to sit back down again because they are taller than him lol

Here are some photos I took yesterday. Not the best quality due to the fact that I couldn't see where my camera was pointing at and I just pushed the shutter button :p

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