Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cosmetics shopping in Seoul~

Taking care of your appearance is very important, especially amongst Korean citizens. Therefore the cosmetics shops are practically all over the place. In Myeongdong, for example, you may even see the same brand twice on the same block.

Some of the most known brands are Missha, Skin Food, Tony Moly, the Face Shop, Nature Republic, Innis Free, Holika Holika, Etude House and A'Pieu. 

Each and every chain has its own unique colors but in my opinion Holika Holika & Etude House have the most flashy colors and you can distinguish their shops from pretty far away, as they are eye catching. All other brands have a more minimal store appearance.

I don't want to go into cosmetics quality comparison or even price comparison, since I haven't bought a lot of products from each and every brand, but let me tell you this.. no matter where you go in Seoul and whether you like buying cosmetics or not I am pretty sure in the end you will end up buying a lot. Especially if you like cute packaging, like I do, those shops are calling for you~

Those are some stuff I bought the last time I went shopping and I do admit... I didn't really need them. But in the end I bought them because the packaging is really nice and because the prices are affordable. 


Also keep in mind that with every purchase you make you will get loads of free samples as well. Obviously it depends on the amount of money you spend as well, but even for purchases of low amounts, you will get some free sample for sure. 

It is no lie nor an exaggeration.. Seoul is a shopper's paradise and if you are a girl, then it is even better!

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