Thursday, January 10, 2013

Noh Jihoon & C-Clown @ Simply Kpop 130109

Even though I had minor encounters with Jihoon and BTOB members the previous days, nothing worth mentioning really happened so I didn't post anything. But today my friends and myself went to Simply KPOP Arirang pre-recording to see Jihoon.

It was actually pretty funny that we were only 5 people there for friends and myself... and we are NOT Koreans... I feel bad for my little Jihoon baby but hey, it's still early. Plus I always thought he is too tall to be in Cube haha~~

Anyway first up was December and after them was Jihoon and C-Clown. December only did one take and left. Jihoon and C-Clown had to perform twice.

At first Jihoon seemed to be surprised to see people for him because they changed the schedule at the last moment so maybe people couldn't make it.. He waved at us and went on the stage. And no, I don't think it is my imagination but I think he remembered me again.. When he was done with the first take of the song, on his way out he shaked hands with my friends and I just stood there like an idiot (as always when I see him..) and just looked at him. After he shook hands with them, he turned to me and smiled and waved. And I melted again teeeheee.... >.<

Then, God bless you PD, he had to do the song again. So he entered once more the studio, smiled and waved at us and went on stage. I was trying to convince Junko to try doing the fanchants and while we were discussing about that I started laughing and probably did something silly as usual, and Jihoon saw me and started laughing as well. He was looking at me and kept on laughing until I pulled his logo in front of myself to hide my face~~

Then while he was singing, I was trying to do the fanchants on my own, but obviously I don't know them well and I also have a toothache so I guess he couldn't hear anything. So I just decided to sing along to his song. After the second chorus was done he turned to our side, while I was still singing as if I was performing the song, saw me and continued singing while looking at me. Can I roll on the floor please?? Seriously........

And that was it.. he smiled and waved on his way out and I really wanted to scream out something other than "Jihoon-aaah~~" but damn toothache...

Then it was C-Clown who came in to perform. It is the second time I see them and I really like their enthusiasm and how they are trying to communicate with their fans. They did heart signs to them, wished everyone happy new year in Korean and when they spotted us foreigner, they said it in English as well. They also waved and smiled at us and it was really funny because Maru looked at me twice while doing his choreography and we locked eyes for a bit. I really enjoy doing that to idols because I guess they are used that people turn away because they are embarrassed but I make them turn away first hahah~~

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