Friday, February 1, 2013

130131 Cube Cafe fan account

Yesterday morning while I was going to my classes I tripped and fell down and hurt both of my knees and hands. Even though I still hurt a bit and can't walk properly, Wendy and myself were determined to go to Cube and pass our presents to Jihoon.

We arrived at Cube around 19:30 and some girls told us that he was already there along with B2ST's Hyunseung and Yoseob. Almost one hour later the dancers start coming downstairs so now I am certain that Jihoon is coming down any time soon. After the dancers came down, Hyunsik from BTOB came as well and some girls followed him around. Then Eunkwang came down as well.. Since I couldn't go fast, because of my knees, I went outside with my gift and waited for Jihoon to come out while Wendy stayed inside.

A couple of minutes later Jihoon comes downstairs. Wendy used the inside door to go see him and pass her gift to him. She spoke to him for a bit until some Korean fans started talking to him and walk with him. So suddenly I am in front of him and before I even say his name and give him the bag, he sees me and he says "Oh!!" and smiles. He recognized me.... my legit tears!!! I gave him the bag, he did a small bow and left while the girls kept on talking to him and walk with him. I don't know until how far they followed him but they went with him up to the main street for sure, because Junko was coming at that time and she saw them.

Then Hyunseung from BEAST came outside, as usual walking fast but this time he received gifts from fans. I really can't understand how this guy can look pretty and not handsome.. but I love it! And I am not biased with him....

Some other BTOB members passed by the street and Minhyuk was one of them so Junko went to give her gift as well. Then while we are just sitting there ZE:A's Kwanghee walks inside Cube entrance and goes upstairs to the studio. He stayed there for around half an hour and left. Everyone was surprised and the cafe was pretty noisy at that time.

Sometime later everyone is coming back. Jihoon who seemed to be in a hurry and went upstairs fast.. Hyunseung also came back and Eunkwang and Changseob as well. Actually Changseob and Eunkwang came inside the coffee shop to order coffee. It is hilarious how people follow them around and talk to them outside the coffee shop area but when they are inside no one talks.. it's pure silence kkk

Then there was also Hyuna and 2YOON and one more 4Minute member whose name I always forget (sowwy~~) and at some point we see someone coming in fast, wearing a black jacket with a HUGE hoodie covering his whole face. I was REALLY curious as to who he was so I went inside to look. There was only me and maybe 1-2 girls there so the guy stops 10cms in  front of me, trying to open the door. He is so tiny so I am thinking it might be Kikwang but I couldn't be sure... so the moment he went upstairs I asked the girl next to me who he was and she said it was Kikwang. Grrrrrr I could have spoken to him.. I mean no one else was there.. I could have at least say "Hi.." Oh well....~~

Jihoon got my present and smiled again at me.. I can't be even more happy now^^ Good night <3

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