Sunday, December 30, 2012

BTOB Event? Nah.. Red Carpet..!!

Seriously there's not really much to say about yesterday''s events at Cube. It was more like we went there, saw Minhyuk, Junko gave him yet another present & then we went to eat~~

Today though it was a bit more eventful. (Yes...I've been going 3 days straight to Cube cafe.. have nothing better to do so, why not?).

First of all Junko and myself were supposed to meet at 9:30 to go to Cube so we can line up for the event. But being the usual lazy me, I woke up at 8 and decided to go back to bed until 10. Obviously when we got there, we were already late (it also took us a while to understand what we had to do for the event) so we decided to go to Food Cafe to eat. But guess what? It was full of people.. same story to every coffee shop around the area.

So we decided to go to Coffee Cojjee instead. We forgot today it was Junsu's concert, even though Junko had ticket already (lol) so it was full there as well. Five minutes later though some girls left the smoking area outside so we went there to sit.

While we were discussing about various stuff suddenly I see some familiars faces.. I keep on staring and I keep saying to myself "is it really him?" until I finally say his name "Hyeongkon".. from A-JAX. There were only four members though (Hyeongkon, Sungmin, Seungyub & Jaehyung if I am not mistaken) and a few minutes later Hyojun came (well ok I can't put my finger on it 'cause people were in front but like 90% he came by taxi 'cause there were no cars/vans at that point). And again I lost my chance to talk to them again because as usual I am too slow with my reactions.

Then one hour later both Junko and myself recognize BTOB's car.. so we go outside to greet them. First is Minhyuk with Eunkwang (who saw me again hahaha.. he must think I am stalking him~~) and Hyunsik. We call Minhyuk's name and he turns our way and smiles and waves at us. Then Ilhoon is behind him, he sees us and turns away his head haha. Compared to Minhyuk they are like black and white.. I have no idea where Changseob is but I spot Peniel and being a foreigner myself, it's easier to interact with him so I call out his name but once again (like another time before..) he doesn't hear me. But Seongjae who was in front of me heard it and turn to my side and gave us a huuuuuuuuge smile.

A few minutes later my love Jihoon arrives as well. And again I was too slow to notice him so I missed my chance to express my unconditional love for him xD

After A-JAX, BTOB & Noh Jihoon it was time for A Pink to come followed by Boyfriend & B1A4. Sadly I hardly recognize any of them so I will not mention anything other than I was walking towards B1A4, 'cause I am not a fan so I didn't really care what they'd think and they seems kinda surprises that someone was going closed to them~~

Anyway BTOB came back down and we just wave at them, 'cause by that time the usual Cube Cafe suspects already came there to see them again so we didn't want to bother the boys but their van was stuck behind another one so I personally did funny signs towards their van for fun~~ I hope they saw me lol

As soon as their van left Jihoon came down again. I literally jumped outside the room and called him.. "Jiiiiihooooonnn-aaah~~"..He turns to look at me and his smile is making me melt.. "It is snowing so be careful" I said with my terrible Korean accent and he nodded, said Thank you and went to his car.

Then Junko and myself went to eat and I went back to Cube to study a bit. Around 20:00 Minhyuk comes back at Cube and he is waving and smiling to everyone, being the really sweet guy he is. He was halfway up the stairs when a girl called him to give him his present (she realized it was him a bit late so she went close to the stairs when he was halfway up) and he came back down just to get her present! Minhyuk wae so nice?? Don't ruin my bias list, pretty please..

Half an hour later, Changseob comes as well. But being Changseob he didn't come down the stairs to take a letter some girls wanted to give him~~ I still have no idea where the others were but myself and my friend who came to meet me at Cube were getting hungry so we go to Food Cafe to eat and eventually go back home. Guess who walks in to order take out? Eunkwang with Seongjae. Thank God Eunkwang didn't see me but Seongjae probably did, since he came on top of me to look himself in the mirror in front of me and fix his hair hahahha xD

And well.. I think that's about it for today~~

Oh and if you are actually reading this, please make a comment. It would make this unnie happy xD


  1. where's my christmas gifttttttt LOLjk XD

    1. well as u saw, he was doing with hair before i put on his ribbon~~

  2. Ji Hooooooooooooooooooon (hearts everywhere!!!)
    He is such a cutieeeeeee!!!oh Angeliki you destroyed me...thank you xD
    Ahahahahahahaha for the non -intending stalking for made my day!!!
    Glad that you saw A-jax too :-)
    Must have been a fun idol day!!

  3. By the way...Teta ...nia nia nia