Friday, December 28, 2012

B2ST At Cube Cafe 121227

As usual myself and Junko are heading for Cube Cafe (with some of her friends) and as usual we stay there until like 22:30 or so...
While we were there BTOB Changseob came, followed by Eunkwang and Hyunsik sometime later. Also my sweetiepie Noh Jihoon left and came back twice or so..
I am also under the impression that Eunkwang and Jihoon actually remembered me since we've spoke to each other before but ok, let's be honest, you can never be sure with idols 'cause they always meet a lot of people.
So anyway made a new friend today as well, Wendy, and while I had 3 cups of coffee already I decided it was time for me to hit the bathroom. Suddenly I hear people talking and loud footsteps (the stairs are above the toilet) but since noone was screaming like crazy going "oppa oppaaa" I thought it was either the trainees/dancers or some other BTOB members. Therefore I decided to take my time to put on my pants. But it seems I should have run outside with my pants down 'cause when I went inside and asked what happened Junko was like "B2ST came.. like .. ALL of them..."
Obviously I wanted to crawl inside my cave and cry my guts out... I waited by the door for like maybe 15-20 minutes and they are all coming back downstairs. To be honest I was only focusing on Doojoon because he was the only one not covering his face with hats/caps/hoodies/glasses/whatever u name it..
So when he came in front of me, I said something like "Doojoon!! I come from Greece.. you know.. Santorini!!" because Doojoon has stated before he wants to go there for vacations one day. He looked at me with eyes wide open, bowed, smiled and told me twice "Hello" (yes all of that in Korean..)
Then my asdlldkldkfldkfldkffk bias askldalskjdajdkj Yoseob was in front of me.. I could actually touch him without even streching... and he is my bias damn it.. what should I do? I don't dare to touch him obviously 'cause he won't like it (I know I wouldn't) so I just go like "Yoseob.. Yoseob..." and he just said "Ne..." without turning around.
And... that was about it.. of course I have no fancam or anything 'cause for me it's better to talk to them even for a second than to film them when maybe they don't even want to be filmed. I think Wendy has a fancam though, from the moment they were coming inside..

EDIT: ok Wendy got vids~~ here is her video^_^

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