Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yoseob's parents' restaurant ^_^

Yoseob is my number one favorite idol for almost 3 years now and even though I've been in Seoul for around 4 months now, I haven't yet visited to eat at his parents' restaurant.
(Went outside once but wasn't in the mood to take off shoes etc, so I left)

So today I went there with Junko to eat. The guy working there, who I don't know and therefore I cannot tell you if he is related to Yoseob or not, came to take our order. A few moments later, Yoseob's mom comes next to me and we just smile and nod at her. I think she must have felt awkward because probably people just talk to her but we didn't because we didn't know what to she just stayed next to us for a few seconds and then left.

note to self: Must know how to say this in Korean for the next time I visit "Please give me your son's hand, I wanna marry him xD"

While we were eating, she just came back again and we went all over the same process nodding-smiling-say hi in Korean. She then took the initiative and talked to us asking us which countries we come from, if it was our first time going there, if we like the food etc. Actually the portions of the food are REALLY BIG so even though we ate a lot, it seemed as if we hadn't so maybe she was worried. We told her the food is delicious.

A little later she came back for the third time and she offered us tangerines. Somewhere around that time, Yoseob's dad came to the restaurant and while passing next to us he saw me and smiled/nodded at me. At times like that I feel a bit weird being the only non-Asian because people can easily spot me in the crowd and it makes me feel a bit embarrassed.

After we finished our food (yes, we ate everything because we didn't want them to think we didn't like it) we went to pay and Junko snapped some photos. She also took a photo with Yoseob's mom~~ They told us to be careful because the road is slippery and told us goodbye, thank you etc.

So here are the photos from Yoseob's little "shrine" inside the restaurant, as well as the menu ^_^

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  1. Oooooooh the food seems delicious!!! apart from 'making' a delicious son ^-^ they make delicious respects
    Oooooh and his parents seem nice :-)