Sunday, August 19, 2012

Teta's fan account with Super Junior's Donghae!

My friend Teta is currently spending her time in Seoul and she was lucky enough to view her ultimate bias, Donghae, and even shake hands with him!

Here is her fan account as posted on her facebook account ^_^


    So now I am continue on with MY PERFECT DAY!!
    I knew that on the above date was ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’(Donghae's new drama) press conference at Imperial Palace there was n way I wouldn't go...I only expected that they would let us stay at the Hotel's lobby and just watch him go in and go we went at the hotel...waited at the lobby with some Italian fans and 5 that was little fans?then a girl came into the lobby and asked the an employee where is the conference and he said "take the elevator and it is at the second floor"...My friends heard it and informed me(I was standing close to the elevator at that time and didn't hear what happened) we went to the second floor....and OMG!!!....IT WAS DONGHAE'S TOWN!!!2 rooms filled with his pictures and the rice offers from the fan bases!!I was overloaded from what I saw!lol
    There were 2 desks:one was from the official party and the other I suppose was from fan base..of course there were a lot of fans[and many from Europe) all make sense!
    Before the conference starts they let us take a walk freely around the 2 rooms ...but the time was close ,they tried to gather us at one place and hotel employees were in front of us..I was in second line in the middle of the room ,so I could see him as he would go by from the elevator to the conference room.
    And a little later there he comes in his grey costume and that beautiful fave of his....I saw him but he went too fast to another room....and a few minutes later he came out with the rest of the cast and went on to the conference room....the co-star Yoo So Young was propably a little bit late but he made a great impact to us as he walked so cool inside the lobby(his outfit was just wow!) and headed on to the room[I have seen him in drama and as my friend said:he is waaaaay more handsome in person than photos]
    So I thought that we would just wait for the presentation to end and just see him wave goodbye and leave.....but....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my friends!!The cast came out and passed in front of us-Donghae waved and said sth like hello and went to another room....My friends and I thought that he would change propably his clothes before he leaves or have chat with staff ....wrong again...he was giving interviews into the to make it short ....he was passing in front of us-bowing-saying hello and going to a a complaints from me [:-)]
    Now...I had my present for Donghae with me in case I could give it to his manager...but seeing him coming back and forth from rooms and shortly interacting with us, I really wanted to give it to him instead of his manager-my friends were rooting me for this.But the crowd was too "thick" and I asked from the italian girls in front of me to make a little space so I can pass the bag before he leaves the hotel.. and they I am content with that ....but at some time the security was loose and since we didn't make trouble or big noise ,they let us make another line on the wall across our first line up.So I went there and I was in first line ,so I was like "Yeah there is no way I will not give the present before he leaves"
    At that time Donghae and his manager came out from a room[for the third time,fourth time?lost count] and went up the stairs and got again into the main press conference room....and then one of my friends told me:When he comes out just approach him and give him your present.Since we don't know how long his interviews might be or maybe he will rush to leave,now is the chance.
    She was right...inside me I was a little nervous to do that (room full of fans,staff, manager and my ultimate bias..)thought that manager might be strick because of the occasion....
    ....Now doors are opening....
    Donghae and his manager come down the stairs and in the middle of the room I approach him[fortunately he was from my side) he was talking to his manager[I think-mind is still blocked from this day) and didn't notice me ,so I say "Donghae oppa a present" and he made one amazing -cute-surprised "oooooooh!",he made a bow,took it and passed it on his manager[for the record I made a bow as well ]
    My friend recorded it but she made way too zoom and I am not so much in the video ,...ahahahaha...but I am in the video...I will uploadwhen I get back to Greece
    For the rest half an hour I couldn't speak,french and italian elf were rooting for me.....and YES I WAS TOUCHED BY HIS WARM KINDNESS..I knew it but when it happens to better [:-)]
    So what next? about 5:00 in the evening the rest of the cast has left,the last interview has ended and Donghae is inside a room...he comes out with another crew of cameraman but this time it is propably an sm crue or a crue for a show...because he is showing the rice donations,talking to the camera and then pointing at us...and for my good fortune I am in first the camera man is filming us as Donghae is talking...and then I remembered to pull out the Greek flag[I pulled when reporters were taking photos before the conference but I put it back in my bag]...So now my friend and I are holding the Greek flag but cameraman has stopped filming us [:-(]
    and then Donghae asked him to film us and pointed our flag[ps:Dongae couldn't missed us because we were close...kekekeke]
    Again Donghae leaves .....after a while the ladies of the floor are asking us to move back to our original place so we can make room for people...and then another lady comes out and says :Please go back-back-back-back ,sit down and be quiet....Donghae will come out and take a photo with you.After he takes the photo ,please don't get up as he leaves to the elevator"......
    so I am like "OMG THIS IS NOT HAPPENING !!!OMG OMG OMG!!"....We are at first row ,holding the Greek flag.
    ....and then he comes out[in a calm voice I say loud "Donghae oppa" ,and I was the only one and he heard it] ,thanking us and goes back to the last line ...and the photo was taken [:-)]
    ....the end ?no....then he says "Wait a minute"..and he starts the Suju presentation "We are Super Junior...."and then you know how it 2 pictures [:-)] [:-)]
    .....and he left

    How could I forget?
    Back to my Donghae day:
    After he finished his last interview at the main conference room ,he walked down the stairs and gave a personal handsake to the fans that had remained!!!

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