Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally in Seoul

Yes!! I've finally made it.. Right now I am at my gosiwon, located near Sinchon metro station.
I arrived yesterday afternoon around 17:00 at Incheon airport and headed straight to Sinchon.
My teacher was waiting for me at my gosiwon and after I let my stuff and had a really fast shower, we went to meet a friend of mine in Hongdae.

We had food at the "Greek joy" restaurant in Hongdae, because I had some stuff to deliver there. We were also able to see street performances again~ I really like Hongdae nightlife, although sometimes it can be really loud even for a loud Greek person like myself.

I tried getting some more shots but I am kinda fail when it comes to taking pictures so most of them ended up being blurry... >.< And truth be told, I didn't get many photos last night.. today either. Being in Seoul feels like home and well, you don't take photos of your home all the time, right?

Anyway, after eating at Greek Joy we went for some soju in Hongdae. I am a soju-holic but having slept only for two hours, I didn't get much to drink. And my friend and teacher don't like soju that much. Oh and I keep forgetting the formalities in Korea so now because I didn't serve them alcohol, I won't be able to find a boyfriend for 9 years~~ (can I get a discount? pretty please...?!)

After drinking soju, we walked back towards my gosiwon at Sinchon and went to a noraebang. I think my friend will start hating B2ST (my teacher already does I guess haha~) because I only sang their songs, but hey, they are the only songs I know how to sing in Korean (ok ok.. not 100% but still better than any other Korean song..)

The owners of the noraebang heard me singing in Korean and were impressed (or they were at least being polite lol). Either way I would love to improve my knowledge on the language and of course my pronunciation so I think I will be visiting noraebangs as much as I can since it seems like fun and good practice.

While waiting for the metro to open its doors, we waited for about an hour outside the station and my friend played with his guitar. He loves Spain like I do, so he was playing some Spanish-flamengo style songs. It was so much fun. I really wanted to take a photo of him playing but I didn't want to bother him while he was playing so hopefully next time I will ask him beforehand^^

It was a really fun night and I didn't feel extremely tired but I do admit that I overslept today. I woke up around 15:00 and unpacked my luggage. Then I met with Areia, one of the most known kpop remixers online, and we went shopping together at the supermarket and to get some coffee just like normal Greek people do. We talked about various stuff and it was really fun. But now here I am back at my gosiwon, freezing from the air/condition and missing a pillow and some blankets hehe. I really need to go shopping tomorrow for that stuff.. and for a telephone as well..

So I guess I'll be updating some more tomorrow..

Wish me luck for tomorrow!! Going to a B2ST fansign event... Have to deliver HyunSeung's present!!

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