Monday, August 13, 2012

More Concerts for September

So far apart from the Hallyu Dream Festival more concerts have been announced!

On September 1st and 2nd, FT Island will perform live at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.
Prices vary from 77.000 won to 88.000 won.

On the Mic event is going to take place at Hongdae's V-Hall on September 1st with Illionaire, Original Taste and Hi-Lite artists.
Price is 30.000 won

 Verbal Jint is performing live on September 2nd, at Waterfront Stage of the Olympic Stadium (올림픽공원 수변무대).
Price is 88.000 won.

On September 9th, at AX Korea, the Freestyle Day event will take place. There will be MC battles and artists such as Dok2, Dynamic Duo, Simon D, SanE, Verbal Jint and more, will perform live. Price is 44.000 won.

On September 15th, KPOP top stars will perform at the Korean Music Wave Festival in Incheon Munhak Stadium (Incheon World Cup Stadium), Incheon. For the time being there aren't any names announced as for the artists who will participate in the event nor any prices have been mentioned either.

You can stay updated from the official site: 

On the same day, September 15th, MC Sniper will be performing at Rolling Hall with entrance fee 44.000 won (pre-sales) and 50.000 won at the door.

And Sistar will perform at the Olympic Hall of the Olympic Stadium~
Prices vary from 77.000 won to 88.000 won.

"The Gathering" on September 21st at AX Korea. 45RPM will perform live!! Love them.. Artists such as MC Sniper and Verbal Jint will also perform! The price is at 44.000 won.

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