Tuesday, December 31, 2013

131230 Junhyung Ilsan Kintex Fansign

It's been ages since I last posted here but I haven't been really following kpop news etc these past few months. Life in Korea as a foreigner can be hard sometimes~

Anyway, yesterday I had the chance to participate in Junhyung's fansign event at Kintex, Ilsan. Even though it is just one member of B2ST (and not my bias), it was a moment I've been waiting for, for almost 4 years.. So I was super duper excited.

There were so many things I wanted to ask so I was already practicing how to say it fast in Korean without making mistakes but I didn't have the chance.. Here is how the conversation went like:

Me (in Korean): Hello
Junhyung (in English): Hi (looking at me). Kiki nuna? (verifying what I wanted him to write on the cd)
Me (in Korean): Yes, that is correct
Junhyung (in English): Where are you from?
Me: Greece
Junhyung: Greece?? wow..
Me: Yes..
Junhyung: This is really really far away (everyone starts laughing at this point..I guess because he is trying really really hard to talk to me in English..)
Me (in Korean): Yes it is far away
Junhyung: wow...(smiling)
Me: Dujun said he wants to come so just take him and come for vacations.
Junhyung looking at me trying to understand what I said... so I had to repeat the sentence again, talking a bit more slowly
Then he said Thank you and gave me his hand for a handshake.

To be honest it was the first time that I got a handshake at a fansign.. I mean I've been to fansigns before, especially for rookie groups, but noone did handshake.. so I didn't expect a B2ST member would do that..

Anyway all in all it was really a great day yesterday^^

Here are some photos I took:

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