Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy busy busy...

Ever since the last pack of crazy Greek friends arrived in Seoul I haven't been able to update as much as I wanted, simply because we are going out almost whole day long..

On 25th of September we went to Cube Cafe and saw Kim Hyuna (4Minute) & Dongwoon (B2ST). No photos because at least Dongwoon didn't want any and as for Hyuna well.. I didn't bother to take any. Though my friend took a video~~

Watch AFTER 25 secs.. no video editor on my laptop so I had to upload the raw file...

After we left Cube Cafe we went back to Sinchon where we accidentally sat on Park Sangmyeon's chicken restaurant. He is the father from "Marry me Mary" (매리는 외박중) drama and movies such as "Can't Live Without Robbery" ()

He seemed pretty shocked that a foreigner knew him. When I went to ask for a photo, he asked me in Korean if I knew him and then he put me to the test by asking me what was his name~~ I told him and then he asked me from which country I was. Maybe he thought I didn't know who he was because I went to ask for him for a photo after another couple asked him first.

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