Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy B2UTY (shopping spree...~~)

So it's a fact that came to Korea without bringing a jacket so I had to buy one.. and since I couldn't buy the B2ST x Jim Rickey shoes I wanted ('cause they don't go for sale.. it was just for B2ST.. I mean Dongwoon's leopard print ones...) I  decided to buy a HEAD jacket.

I chose the most expensive one as it seems 'cause the black one costs around 89.000 KRW and mine was 109.000 KRW but I really liked that color. I was also given a cup and a pair of shocks as free service. B2UTIES who visit HEAD to buy the jackets make sure you get the poster and brochure because they don't hand them to you, you just have to grab one and run~~~ (no I am kidding, you don't have to run xD)

So here are some photos^^

The cup~~

the brochure

the poster (2 sided)

me :P


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