Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's been a while since I last posted...

I have been super busy those past few days. Attending lessons daily, which is an achievement if you take under consideration that I am going out every night for drinking with friends.
Last Friday night friends from Greece arrived and we went to have some food and drinks around Hongdae with some Korean friends~

First we went to a bar, whose name we can never say, as it doesn't make sense (it consists of Korean & Japanese alphabet). 

 After we left from the bar, we visited the first place we could get inside, as it was raining cats and dogs that night.

Next to our table there was a couple that was pretty drunk. They kept on asking us random questions, half in Korean and half in English. As the woman said on her own, she wanted to "speak Engrish"~~ I really would love to meet those too again, but this time sober haha^^

On Saturday we went for coffee in Sinchon and then for a walk at Hongdae where we saw a parade (we don't have a clue what it was for.. maybe something to do with Dokdo? Because we saw some banners mentioning Dokdo)

Afterwards Julie and myself went to a K-Rock indie concert. The concert took place in Yeouido and it was a bit chilly that evening. And I just fell in love with a band I haven't heard before~ 와이낫? (ynot?) Oh man they were so damn great!!

You HAVE to check them out!!!

There were a lot of good bands playing on that day such as 아이러닉 휴 (Ironic Hue), 노 리스펙트 포 뷰티 (No Respect For Beauty), 마그나 폴 (Magna Fall) but we were sooooo tired from Friday night and we decided to go in the evening while the concert started since noon.

Now I am going to meet Julie and Maira (a sweet girl I met from Holland) so I will post more about Sunday's kpop concert experience later on~~

x0x0x0 <3

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