Monday, September 17, 2012

Gwanghamun again~

I spent my previous week going back and forth Sinchon, Hongdae and Cube cafe so I didn't actually take many pictures with my camera. Most photos are from some dishes I had and I have them on my mobile phone (no cable to transfer them to my laptop now... will have to borrow one from my classmate soon).

So this  Saturday I went with Maira to Kyobo bookstore again to buy some books I needed. After we bought our books, we decided to go for a walk around the area.

 Finally a photo of myself hahahaha~~
Close to the river there were as usual street artists performing. There was a band whose name was something like "World Stage Band" and they played songs from various countries. They actually played a Tarkan song (Turkish singer) and I was so surprised to hear something like that. I asked the singer if he could sing any Greek songs but he didn't know any... and he was really handsome so maybe I should have offered to teach him some haha~~

Afterwards we walked towards Insadong to get some bubble tea~ I didn't really get to see much from Insadong as most shops were closed for the night. It was a really fun day and the funniest part is that I was showing Maira some photos from the people I met in Korea last year and we had one friend in common^^ He was surprised to learn that as well~~  The world is such a small place after all, right ?

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