Sunday, April 9, 2017

HIGHLIGHT fansign @gimpo airport 25/03/2017

Took me a while to write this and even longer to meet them!! Been waiting for this moment ever since Bad Girl was released...and the moment finally came.

I knew my conversation with them would be extremely short if they talked to me in English so I tried to start the conversation first by speaking in Korean to them.

First one was Dongwoon (for our fansign they started from right to left) and someone before me gave them some hairbands with flowers so I started off by saying something extremely stupid such as "Oh you really are a flower boy now!". He seemed confused because I initiated the conversation in Korean so I asked him if he wanted to switch to English and he was like "NOoooo!!!". He asked my name to make sure, as it was written on a post-it, and then, of course, he asked me where I come from and apparently he wants to go to Santorini!! So I told him something like "Oh you should go with Dujun 'cause he said in the past he wants to go too". At some point the staff interrupted us and asked me to move to Gikwang.

Gikwang oh precious cute little muffin... He was trying to talk to me in English although he realized I could converse with him in Korean and as usual he asked me where I was from. And once again when I said Greece, I got the same reaction as Dongwoon.. Gikwangie too wants to go to Santorini. So I was like "Oh Dongwoon just said the same..maybe you guys can arrange a trip altogether or something". He reached to shake my hand first. I think he said my Korean is good or sth but I can't really remember as I was about to go to my bias..Yoseob.

Yoseob ah Yoseob... he seemed a bit odd tbh..not sure if it was the clothes and glasses he was wearing or he was just having a bad day but he didn't seem to be as energetic as everyone else. He confirmed my name by reading the post and..........BLANK!! I don't remember >.< I knew this was going to happen..I only remember bits and pieces of our convo..I remember he was the only one who didn't ask me where I come from and that I passed my letter to him and asked him to read it when he has time and he wrote my name on the envelope [coz I was so nervous I forgot LOL...) and then before I go to Junhyung I remember I did something totally cheesy and told him "I hope you will always be happy" while holding his hand and looking into his eyes. Gawwhd....

Then off to Junhyung we go.. omg he was so fluffy I can't even..~!! As I was still in shock after my encounter with Yoseob I don't remember much except that he asked me where I come from and when I said Greece he didn't say he wants to go to Santorini but he praised my Korean skill and kept on saying how awesome my Korean is. Then he asked me how many years I've been in Korean so I said "4 (sa)" while moving towards Dujun who was waiting but Junhyung heard "3 (sam)" and showed me with his fingers to confirm but I said again 4 while using my fingers as well. He looked genuinely happy and excited I was able to talk to him in Korean and he wanted to keep the conversation longer but the staff had a different opinion ㅋㅋㅋ

And last we have Dujun.. He asked me where I was coming from and instead of Greece he heard France so I had to say it again.. and since I already knew Dujun wants to go to Santorini, when he said that I was like "Dongwoon and Gikwang said the same, maybe you guys can all go together". He asked me if it's nice there and I jokingly said "I don't know, it's expensive for me to go there" and he started laughing. Then we said our goodbyes~!

I tried to get some photos but my good quality photos look like previews of the DSLR owners ㅠ.ㅠ But then again a post without photos is kinda naked, isn't it? 


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