Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First class impression & some shopping..

Today was my first class at Sogang. It was raining A LOT this morning so obviously most of us were late, because it was also a bit hard to find where our class room was...

In my class there are 14 people, including myself, and 3 of them are male. There's one guy from Finland, one from Ireland and one from  USA. Most of the girls are from Japan. There's also one girl from Singapore, one from Philippines, one from USA and one from Taiwan. And of course noone can say my name correctly so everyone is calling me Kiki as well. Or simply Angel~

Funny thing is that while we were doing an exercise, asking our partners where they live here, I live on the exact same floor with a girl so I guess that hopefully we will hang out :) She is really kind and nice and she tried to help me buy a phone.

We even went together at the university cafeteria to have food. I sort of felt that everyone was looking at us but I suppose I will get used to it soon...

A little later after we came back to our gosiwon I decided that I had to go out and buy some stuff I need for myself but for my room as well. The moment I got out from the second shop the rain was so strong that the umbrella didn't actually do much... so I had to come back and didn't buy almost anything from what I wanted.

I only had the chance to visit Etude House and Skin Food.
Here's what I bought and the samples they gave me O_o Oh and Etude House gave me a small mirror which is really cute!! Forgot to take a picture of it  though... pabo me~~

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