Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trip to Seoul

From September 1st I will be in Seoul for almost three months in order to study the Korean language at Sogang University.
This is going to be the second time I'll be visiting Seoul and hopefully this time around I will gain more experiences and learn the language better.


  1. hey i found your blog. hahahha i wanted to ask what kind of program it is you're going to study and please tell us the application process and such. how was it?

    -ps amalia edw :D

    1. Hey Amalia!! Thanks for your comment^^ There are 7 levels and each level is 10 weeks (1 semester). I am not sure if I'll be attending the first or the second level yet (have to pass oral exam in a few days).
      The application process is really easy. You just sent translated transcripts of your degrees and a photo and complete a small questionnaire. I chose Sogang because they focus on improving oral skills. I will try to make a full post as soon as possible :)