Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smartphone apps

I am one of those weirdos that want their screens smudge-free so I've never really liked touch screen smartphones and I carry the same old mobile phone I've have had for around 5 years now. But it seems that smartphones can come in handy, especially if you live in Korea, one of the pioneers in gadgets and electronics. So I will have to get myself a smartphone, especially if I want to make my life easier while living in Seoul..

I am pretty sure that most of you already know about Kakaotalk (http://www.kakao.com/talk/en) that let's you contact your friends for free. All you need is wifi or 3G network. But do you know about free international calls applications? Yup, they do exist..

As stated on seoulistic.com site, there is OTO/ACE that let's you call internationally with domestic rates. Obviously not every call is guaranteed to get through but hey, it's better to retry than paying a lot of money. For links and more info on this, please visit seoulistic.com . Their site is extremely helpful!!

But are there applications to help you get around and not get lost in the vast Seoul city? Oh yes! We are talking about Korea! Of course there are applications for that.
First of all you can get the metro application and the bus application (although I will avoid buses in Seoul... if you want to know why, simply ask me~).

Then there are also Daum & Naver maps applications.

Those links might come in handy (android links):


Alternatively you can use Seoul Metro Tour app by NemusTech which also has information on what's nearby the metro stations.

Now the last time I was in Seoul, a friend of mine visited the place I was staying at and while we were discussing on what we were going to eat, he took out his smartphone and started showing me various food stores and restaurants that were nearby my area.. Being the fool I am, I was so surprised that such thing existed and probably acted like retarded.. (you should have seen my face when the delivery guy appeared and my friend paid with his credit card.. credit card reader on the delivery guy's belt? Is this for real??? wow..)

So you can get this life saving application, called Wingspoon, from here:

I, for once, know that this will be the one I'll be using most of the time because my cooking ability sucks big time ^_^

Keep in mind that you need to be able to read Hangul as this application doesn't have an English version.

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